Magic buttons that save you crazy amounts of time doing payroll and bonuses.

Automatically collect time from tickets and timesheets, approve them and export data to your favorite payroll systems. In a few clicks!

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No more comparing tickets & timesheets, fixing coding errors & re-typing into payroll.

With just a few clicks you can automatically combine employee time from approved tickets or timesheets and create an export file for payroll.
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Eliminate your biggest time/buzz killers...

When everyone's time is accurate and you don’t have to double & triple-check everything, getting everyone paid gets a whole lot simpler.

1. Track employee time in tickets & timesheets on any device in real time.

FieldCap give you multiple ways to capture employee time, expenses and allowances accurately the first time. That’s the first step in radically streamlining your payroll processes.

  • Pull time in from tickets = exactly what he customer signed
  • Easily mark LOA’s and capture other data
  • Employees enter time, expenses etc.
  • Match your current fields and forms
  • Many options and configurations

FieldCap’s solution has allowed our company to streamline multiple major business functions, including operations, payroll, and revenue. Chad Macumber, Scientific Drilling

2. Easily review & approve time & expenses and export for reports & payroll

With everything accurate and in one central database, FieldCap gives you easy-to-use tools to view, search, sort and approve entries quickly. With a few clicks you can approve entries and export to a file configured for import into your payroll system.

FieldCap has greatly helped to streamline our accounting processes, both for the people who are entering their job information, as well as for the accounting personnel who are processing the information. Erin Damiani, Mountain West Services

3. Click to create an excel file that matches your payroll system import.

Instead of building and filling out spreadsheets for payroll and bonuses every 2 weeks let FieldCap do it automatically in a few clicks. Instant and accurate every time.

We were looking for a solution to simplify the paperwork process and streamline our approval & billing operations. FieldCap was the team we decided to partner with after a process of elimination, and we are very happy we did! Jackelyn Rideout, Elite Automation & Technical Services Ltd.

4. Match your existing time, expense and bonus fields & calculations.

With FieldCap you don’t have to change the way you do everything now to fit into our software. In fact it’s the other way around – your FieldCap gets configured based on your existing forms, fields and data points. We think it makes sense because you know what works. You just want it in a system.

We have realized significant improvement in consistency and a quicker rate of invoicing. I would strongly recommend this field ticket system to any size company – it has kept pace with the rapid growth of our company with no issues. Sharlene Sandul, Heat Oilfield

5. Track and report NPT (Non-productive-time) for management.

NPT is a silent killer and it is notoriously hard to track, report and reduce. Not with FieldCap. We make it easy to capture, code and report NPT from data in tickets and timesheets so you can understand it and drive it down.

We have seen dramatic improvement in our returns and the benefits related to the capture of billable/non-billable time accrued to client projects through the integration of FieldCap. Joel Block, Manager, SWAT Consulting

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Stop typing & re-typing the same data

With FieldCap there is no need to re-type information into multiple spreadsheets and systems. We have created automatic exports for many payroll systems including:
Intuit Quickbooks

The MAJOR FieldCap difference is...

When you buy FieldCap you get YOUR VERY OWN INSTANCE. That's geek speak but it means that every data entry field that you see on the job, ticket, timesheet or any other form - will get configured to match your existing forms and processes OR the ideal state you are after.

Customer Testimonials

We worked hard to understand the unique needs of oilfield service companies and built tools that reflect them. So these kind words from customers mean the world!
FieldCap has greatly helped to streamline our processes, both for the people who are entering their job information, as well as for the accounting personnel who are processing the information.
Mountain West Services

Erin Damiani

Mountain West Services

We are very happy with FieldCap. It has reduced our error rate, increased our efficiency, and the guys in the field love it!
Backwoods Energy Services

Paul Poscente, Executive Chairman

Backwoods Energy Services

We now track and bill our jobs more efficiently and we have reduced our A/R time by 50%. At the end of the day it means cash comes in faster and we keep more of it.
Tara Energy Services

Scott Bissell, CEO

Tara Energy Services

FieldCap has allowed our company to streamline multiple major business functions, including operations, payroll, and revenue

Chad Macumber

Scientific Drilling

Our old process was manual and labor intensive, with lots of room for error, and we now how a more repeatable and automated system with FieldCap.

Travis Balaski, Vice President

Ferus Natural Gas Fuels

Simple. Proven. Loved.

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