The simple way to get your jobs, tickets, people and equipment organized.

Learn how successful oilfield companies use FieldCap to streamline paperwork and improve efficiency ASAP.

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Made specifically for oilfield service companies

In FieldCap, your tickets & forms become dynamic online versions accessible from any device or location. Field staff get paperwork in faster and office staff get easy tools to process it.
Software Company Specializing in Oilfield Field Ticket Job Tracking

Get Organized

Easily co-ordinate and track jobs, tickets, people & equipment in one place.

Get Paid Faster

Easily convert tickets to invoices and export to accounting and payroll systems.

Get Answers

Easily create the reports you need to respond to customers and make better decisions.

What would you like to simplify?

Whether you need a full system or help in specific areas FieldCap lets you mix and match killer features to simplify whatever needs improving.
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    Job Tracking

    Easily activate jobs for customers. Quickly coordinate people and equipment and push pre-filled tickets out to the field.

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  • 2

    Field Paperwork

    Accurately capture tickets, timesheets, safety forms, checklists and other important data and get it to the office in real time.

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    Invoicing & Payroll

    Quickly turn tickets and timesheets into invoices and payroll exports. Easily sort and process all your paperwork in one place.

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    Reports & Analytics

    Easily use your data to create reports for customers and improve your business. See what drives your costs and profits.

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Killer features made for oilfield companies

Fieldcap has all the features you are expecting, plus a bunch made for the oilfield that just might blow your mind. All of them dead simple and easy to use for everyone.

Offline Mode

No internet on the job? No Problem.
FieldCap makes it easy to sync your
work later with no separate apps or
clunky export process.

Pre-filled Forms

With tickets and forms automatically
pulling in job and customer data
there is less typing to do and fewer
errors to fix later.

Stamps & Signatures

Get work approved faster by giving
your customers multiple ways to sign
or stamp electronically in person
or by email.

Industry Templates

Starting your FieldCap from a template geared for your service type reduces fears and get you up and running in weeks not months.

Your Ticket. Your Way.

Your FieldCap gets configured to match your existing forms, processes, brand and lingo and keeps the disruption to a minimum.


Convert all your tickets into accurate invoices complete with backup files with just a few clicks and get cash in the bank sooner.

Instant Reports

Use canned or custom reports
to view and export everything
from jobs and customers to people,
equipment and costs.

Timesheets & Payroll

Easily track job hours and
non productive time and export
your data for payroll, bonus tracking
and management reports.

Join these successful oilfield service companies

Mountain West Services
Phoenix Technology Services

Our happy client list is as diverse as the oilfield. From small family shops running quickbooks to large public enterprises with massive ERP's. We proudly help them all.
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Modern Platforms and Integrations

MS Excel
Intuit Quickbooks

Get wins for every role on your team

field ticket

Get paperwork done right with a few simple clicks.

FieldCap makes it super-easy to fill in forms, get
them signed & back to the office in real time!
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field ticketing status

Get organized and efficient ASAP!

Search, sort and process your jobs & tickets easily!
Instantly create invoices from tickets
and exports for payroll.
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job costing approvals

Make your company look more professional!

Impress your customers with easy ways to approve
your work and get answers to their questions fast.
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field ticket job tracking

See exactly what's happening with your business in real time!

Run canned or custom reports to see whats happening.
Easily report on customers, jobs, equipment,
people, costs and just about anything else.
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Customer Testimonials

We are very happy with FieldCap. It has reduced our error rate, increased our efficiency, and the guys in the field love it!
Backwoods Energy Services

Paul Poscente, Executive Chairman

Backwoods Energy Services

We now track and bill our jobs more efficiently and we have reduced our A/R time by 50%. At the end of the day it means cash comes in faster and we keep more of it.
Tara Energy Services

Scott Bissell, CEO

Tara Energy Services

FieldCap has allowed our company to streamline multiple major business functions, including operations, payroll, and revenue

Chad Macumber

Scientific Drilling

Our old process was manual and labor intensive, with lots of room for error, and we now how a more repeatable and automated system with FieldCap.

Travis Balaski, Vice President

Ferus Natural Gas Fuels

FieldCap has greatly helped to streamline our processes, both for the people who are entering their job information, as well as for the accounting personnel who are processing the information.
Mountain West Services

Erin Damiani

Mountain West Services

Simple. Proven. Loved.

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