Before FieldCap.

Our customers were struggling with things like...

Wasted Time

Email overload. Heavy manual reviews. Duplicate entry of data. Finding and fixing errors and lost tickets.

Lost Profits

Lost tickets. Billing delays. Rejected invoices. Admin overload. They all hit the bottom line.


Growth becomes challenging and your mojo suffers. Staff and customers know you can do better.

After Switching To FieldCap.

This is what customers had to say after they made the switch to FieldCap.

“I highly recommend FieldCap’s solution for paperwork automation and to help bridge the gap between field operations and offices.

Chad Macumber, Scientific Drilling International

Canada & USA

” Implementing FieldCap has truly streamlined our business and helped us better manage our growth.We have reduced our A/R time by 75%. At the end of the day it means cash comes in faster and we keep more of it.”

Scott Bissell, CEO, Tara Energy Services

Canada & USA

“FieldCap has allowed us to capture field data in real time and manage jobs more efficiently.”

Mike Buker, President, Phoenix Technology Services

Canada & USA

“We have an average annual growth rate of 185% over the last 4 years and have added over 250 employees. I literally don’t think we could have done it (in part ) without FieldCap.”

Paul Poscente, President & CEO, Backwoods Energy Services

“Exceptional experience. Radically improved field data collection and storage, allowed us to formalize an approval process and greatly improved billing cycles.”

Scott McGarty, Summit Decommissioning Services

“Our old process was manual and labor intensive, with lots of room for error, and we now how a more repeatable and automated system with FieldCap.”

Travis Balaski, VP. Ferus Natural Gas Fuels

Examples Of Services FieldCap Is Made For:

Oilfield Construction | Lease Construction | Pipelines | Well Services | Wireline | Facilities | Inspections & Tests | Repair & Maintenance | Equipment Rentals | Environmental | Hauling | Drilling | MWD | Abandonment | Waste Management | Engineering | Fracturing | Casing & Tubing | Containment | Camps | Fluid Management | Safety

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“We were looking for a solution to simplify the paperwork process and streamline our approval & billing operations. FieldCap was the team we decided to partner with after a process of elimination, and we are very happy we did!”

Jackelyn Rideout, Elite Automation & Technical Services

“We have received very positive feedback from our client base as the system has provided our clients with an improved mechanism to review and approve field tickets electronically.”

Joel Block, Manager, SWAT Consulting

“Field Cap has provided us with an opportunity to be leaders in our industry. Their entire organization is committed to delivering and releasing the best product they can for the customer.”

Phil Lambert, President, True North Cranes

“We discovered that implementing FieldCap Software resulted in greater tracking, improved efficiency and reduced errors in our whole billing process, we would recommend the software!”

Joel Kish, Owner, Inspectrum Testing

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More from our user survey...

We asked users: What do you like most about FieldCap?
“Very easy to use and learn“ Clint Wudkevich – Ferus
“No more paper!“ – Philippe Levesque – Backwoods Energy Services
“Ease Of Use“ – Vanessa Patterson – Rockpile Energy Services
“Easy to input data and write up field tickets for clients“ – Jason Plante – Tier 1 Energy Solutions
“Without any formal training, I was able to learn the system in the field on my own.“
– Frank Sullivan – Phoenix Technology Services
“That tickets and days can be copied to reduce the entry time.“
– Kevin Hamilton – Orbis Enegineering
“The tickets contain all necessary information (including safety) in one place.“
– Trevor Kempthorne – Rigstar Communications
“Customizable to suit our ever-changing needs!.“ – Sharlene Sandul – Tara Energy Services

Your Ticket. Your Way.

This is the BIG FieldCap brand promise. It means that every data entry field that you see on the job, ticket, time sheet or any other form - will get configured to match your existing forms.

You Keep Your…

  • Ticket Layout
  • Field Names & Lingo
  • Pricing & Calculations
  • Logo & Colors
  • And much more…


  • Seamless Transition
  • Less Disruption
  • Keep Whats Working
  • Familiarity
Oilfield field ticket software

Get big wins for every stakeholder.

Everyone in your world will benefit from simple tools and fast, accurate data.
field ticket

Get paperwork done right with a few simple clicks.

No more paper, spreadsheets, emails. Fast, simple tools to get your work recorded, approved and sent to the office.
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field ticketing status

Get everything in one place and restore your sanity!

No more chasing emails, fixing errors and re-entering data over and over. One easy place to review and process tickets and forms.
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field ticket job tracking

Get leaner, more efficient and more profitable.

No more billing delays, reporting issues or frustrated customers. Get seamless workflow from ticket approved to invoice paid.
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job costing approvals

Wow your customers with your tickets.

Give your customers easy ways to review, approve and sign your work. Get your invoices paid faster.
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Great news: That is exactly why we developed our - Your Ticket Your Way - approach. It's a game changer. Book a demo today and find out how its done.

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Our story proves that when you focus on doing one thing really well, and treat people with kindness, the results will follow!

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