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You asked (well, maybe not “you”, but someone did) so here are the answers to the questions we hear most often.

What does FieldCap do?

Our team and software both do the same thing every day: help oilfield customers clean up field paperwork, operate more efficiently and get paid faster.

“Implementing FieldCap software has truly streamlined our business and helped us better manage our growth. We now track and bill our jobs more efficiently and we have reduced our A/R time by 50%.” Scott Bissel, CEO Tara Energy Services

So, is FieldCap custom software?

Yes and no. We deliver a bullet-proof, field-proven core product – but we leave room to tailor the solution perfectly for your business.  We call it “your ticket your way” but it’s not just tickets. All of our modules and features get configured to your business. This is the true magic of our approach.

“FieldCap has streamlined our field ticketing process and has enabled us to effectively manage the administrative burden of tracking our field activity. The FieldCap team is very customer friendly and amenable to customizations and integrations to fit a company’s specific needs.”Jonathan Scheiner, Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure

What other systems does FieldCap integrate with?

FieldCap integrates with a number of common accounting and ERP systems to make your life even easier. All modern software has integration points today. We have even integrated with “home-grown” systems and databases that our customers use.

“We implemented FieldCap as part of an SAP implementation, and it was by far the best received component of the project. Having real-time visibility of all field activities, from anywhere at anytime has made a huge difference to our business.”Stephen Baird, Global IT Director Phoenix Energy Services

Does FieldCap do [Insert random customer request here]?

Absolutely! We added [insert random customer request here] for another happy customer. Great minds think alike! This is why you never end up “stuck” with FieldCap – it can be adjusted as your business grows and your needs change.

“We view the FieldCap team as a strategic partner” Cody Zaitsoff, Corporate Controller, Orbis Engineering

What kind of devices will run FieldCap?

Any modern device. We specifically chose our innovative browser-based approach so that you don’t have to worry about managing devices or applications. Like online banking, you just login and it works. (Even offline!)

“FieldCap has greatly helped to streamline our accounting processes, both for the people who are entering their job information, as well as for the accounting personnel who are processing the information.” Erin Damiani, Mountain West Services

Do you need a wifi, cellular or an internet connection to use FieldCap?

Nope. We know the realities of the field. Even though coverage may not be available, we always have you covered. FieldCap can operate online or offline. (Or the more common environment known as “sketchy Internet”)

“We are very happy with Field Cap. It has reduced our error rate, increased our efficiency, and the guys in the field love it!“Paul Poscente, Executive Chairman Backwoods Energy Services

How long have you been around?

We celebrated 10 years a couple years back. Time flies when you are having fun. We achieved our amazing 97% customer retention rating by building a team of caring people with a gazzilion combined years of experience.

“Working with FieldCap has been a great experience for our entire company. Their team helped us make some important process changes, got us up and running quickly and the support has been great. We trust everyone at FieldCap and appreciate their efforts.”
Scott Bissell, CEO Tara Energy Services

This all sounds good, how do we get started?

That’s easy – click here to book a demo!

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The MAJOR FieldCap difference is...

When you buy FieldCap you get YOUR VERY OWN INSTANCE. That's geek speak but it means that every data entry field that you see on the job, ticket, timesheet or any other form - will get configured to match your existing forms and processes OR the ideal state you are after.

Customer Testimonials

We worked hard to understand the unique needs of oilfield service companies and built tools that reflect them. So these kind words from customers mean the world!
FieldCap has greatly helped to streamline our processes, both for the people who are entering their job information, as well as for the accounting personnel who are processing the information.
Mountain West Services

Erin Damiani

Mountain West Services

We are very happy with FieldCap. It has reduced our error rate, increased our efficiency, and the guys in the field love it!
Backwoods Energy Services

Paul Poscente, Executive Chairman

Backwoods Energy Services

We now track and bill our jobs more efficiently and we have reduced our A/R time by 50%. At the end of the day it means cash comes in faster and we keep more of it.
Tara Energy Services

Scott Bissell, CEO

Tara Energy Services

FieldCap has allowed our company to streamline multiple major business functions, including operations, payroll, and revenue

Chad Macumber

Scientific Drilling

Our old process was manual and labor intensive, with lots of room for error, and we now how a more repeatable and automated system with FieldCap.

Travis Balaski, Vice President

Ferus Natural Gas Fuels

Simple. Proven. Loved.

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