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FieldCap’s Vice President of Operations & Business Development, Donovan Volk, says “the record-setting finish to 2019 marks the biggest 1-year expansion of our customer base in FieldCap’s history. It puts FieldCap on the map when it comes to electronic field ticketing solutions and proves that our solution is capable of addressing the core needs of service companies in the energy sector – jobs, tickets, timesheets, and invoicing. The addition of so many new clients in 2019 means that we have the capacity for even greater growth due to the efficiency and additional people we’ve added to the company.”

FieldCap’s VP Technology & Co-Founder, Tom Peterson, was equally optimistic about the future of FieldCap. “Our investment in people was a key factor to our growth in 2019 and means we can set our sights even higher in 2020. The additional staff for development and service delivery gives us the horsepower we need to almost double our implementations in 2020.”

“Our success in 2019 was amazing,” said Brad Peterson, President and Founder of FieldCap. “I’m extremely proud of our team and how they pulled together to help our clients. I know that growth will happen if we keep doing the right things and doing things right – and that means serving our clients and helping them use FieldCap to their advantage.”

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“The FieldCap-advantage is our ability to meet the unique needs of the service companies in energy sector with a cost-effective solution that can be implemented in 6-8 weeks,” continued Donovan Volk, VP Operations & Business Development. “There are lots of ticketing and form-based solutions on the market but energy services companies are different – they need the flexibility that FieldCap offers to be able to keep working the way that their clients (energy Producers) expect. Our clients can’t change their entire way of business just to conform with the way an ERP or Financial system work – that’s why FieldCap is such a great addition for the field staff and office managers. We bridge the gap and help them be more accurate and efficient – and those are things everyone needs as the industry remains pressured to keep costs down.”

“I expect 2020 will be another banner year for FieldCap,” says Brad Peterson, President. “There are still thousands of services companies that need our help and can benefit from using FieldCap. Our goal is to spread the word and help as many as we can!”

About FieldCap FieldCap is a leading provider of cloud-based, mobile field ticketing solutions serving the energy services industry in Canada and the US. FieldCap simplifies the capture of information from the field by replacing paper, spreadsheets, and form-based systems with an easy-to-use web-based solution that can be used offline and without an Internet connection. FieldCap enhances the speed and accuracy of data collection which has the direct benefit of accelerating the approval process, increasing cash flow, and reducing the Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) for our clients. FieldCap is based in Calgary, AB, Canada and operates throughout North America.

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