3 (not) surprising reasons field ticket software is popular at $40 a barrel

Oil Price Breakdown

(Originally written November 30, 2015 – but still holds true!)

When low oil prices set in and it became clear that the economy was going to have to deal with the new reality of “lower for longer”, I started asking myself the big question that every other owner and leader asks at a time like this… what now? To cope with this new reality, I went back to the core mission of our company and what it is our product really does: it helps oilfield service companies work more efficiently.

Then I realized (hoped) that low prices should actually make our story and our product MORE popular and lead to MORE sales. In this market? Sounds crazy right? Maybe not… As we’ve been talking to our customers over the last year in the oilfield services industry, we’ve got some not-so surprising answers as to why they’re interested in FieldCap.

1. Oilfield service companies are looking for quick wins

We can help customers say to the market, “We’re the company with our sh#t together and we’ll get the work”.

This might sound soft and floofy, but with everyone cutting and gutting it can start to feel as though anything that was fun or new has been cancelled, and smart leaders know this feeling is toxic and threatens their ability to hold on to their team.

FieldCap doesn’t just improve efficiency and lower overhead… it’s actually cool and fun. It’s simple and best in class. It delivers results without a big footprint or price tag. It indicates progress and hope.

2. Everyone is trying to get more out of the tools they have

Anything that smells like UPGRADE or RIP-AND-REPLACE is almost a fantasy in a tight market. “Patch it up and keep it afloat” is the reality.

FieldCap plays nicely with this new reality – our system can be used to fill gaps in an existing technology stack and help get more life out of aging systems. It is a flexible, point solution for field ticketing and integrates nicely with accounting and ERP systems allowing data to flow back and forth.

3. Nobody wants a complicated project

When spending is thin simplicity is key. That works for us because FieldCap is a dead simple, 80/20 solution with a laser focus on key areas that have a clear ROI. And because FieldCap keeps your existing forms, layouts. lingo and workflow – it is far less disruptive than other systems. In other words lower risk.