10 field users tell why they like using FieldCap

I love FieldCap Inc Field Ticketing

As part of our annual field user survey, we asked hundreds of oilfield workers to tell us about using FieldCap. What they said blew us away!


“Very easy to use and learn“ – Clint Wudkevich – Ferus

“No more paper!“ – Philippe Levesque – Backwoods Energy Services

“It’s not complicated.“ – Shari Demont- Aureus Energy Services

“Ease Of Use“ – Vanessa Patterson – Rockpile Energy Services

“Easy to input data and write up field tickets for clients“ – Jason Plante – Tier 1 Energy Solutions

“Without any formal training, I was able to learn the system in the field on my own.“
Frank Sullivan – Phoenix Technology Services

“That tickets and days can be copied to reduce the entry time.“
Kevin Hamilton – Orbis Enegineering

“That it is very user friendly and also accessible offline“ – Ali Jackson – Mountain West Services

“The tickets contain all necessary information (including safety) in one place.“
Trevor Kempthorne – Rigstar Communications

“Customizable to suit our ever-changing needs!.“ – Sharlene Sandul  Heat Oilfield


How easy is FieldCap to use?

2016 Survey Response Average  = 8.71/10

How likely would you be to recommend FieldCap?

2016 Survey Response Average = 8.58/10