FieldCap User Survey Results: We’re Blushing

FieldCap Field Ticket User Survey Results

What do FieldCap’s users think about our product? Is it really as easy to use as we think it is? Are we as good at customer support as we claim to be?

We wanted the answers to these (and many more) questions, so we sent a survey to FieldCap users all over North America.

True to our roots we kept it short and got right to the point by asking the things that we value and aspire to most:

How easy is FieldCap to use? Avg. score 8/10
How likely would you be to recommend FieldCap to others? Avg. Score 8.2/10

Keep it simple is the first core value of our company and we are probably best known for our customer service. So getting A’s in both is a stop-the-presses, grand slam moment for us.

But then it got even better. (and weirder) At the end of the survey we had a generic spot for comments and many used the space to offer up kind words about FieldCap – both the product and the team.

Here are a just a few of them – word for word:

  • Easy to navigate from tab to tab and find the appropriate drop downs
  • It’s efficient and user friendly. Works in remote locations with satellite Internet. Clean interface and not cluttered.
  • How easy this has made our paperwork. I have been using FieldCap for almost 2 years and feel this is the best thing we have adopted.
  • How much it has simplified the timesheet submission process.
  • We are able to easily look back at and check out data on other wells we’ve done and compare my configurations to optimize my tool
  • I like how easy it is to input my field data, and how easily it populates itself throughout the reporting system. I like that it is accessible on a mobile device so I can check things if I am on my way to a field site.
  • How formats are set to ensure accuracy, and how much it has simplified the time-sheet submission process.
  • That FieldCap is working with us and listening to us to make the product work well for us.
  • I think the level of support I have received specifically from Matt Toupin is fantastic! Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who responded. We are definitely glad that we asked. We know we will never be perfect, but these results motivate and inspire us to keep trying.

Originally posted February 12, 2016