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Learn how successful oilfield companies like you have used FieldCap to simplify their operations, streamline reporting and get paid faster.

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What step(s) do you wish to simplify?

Whether you need a full system or help in specific areas we have you covered. FieldCap lets you mix and match killer features to simplify and automate whatever needs improving.
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    Job Tracking

    Easily activate jobs for customers. Quickly coordinate people and equipment and push pre-filled tickets out to the field.

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    Field Paperwork

    Accurately capture tickets, timesheets, safety forms, checklists and other important data and get it to the office in real time.

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    Invoicing & Payroll

    Quickly turn tickets and timesheets into invoices and payroll exports. Easily sort and process all your paperwork in one place.

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    Reports & Analytics

    Easily use your data to create reports for customers and improve your business. See what drives your costs and profits.

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Or maybe you have a specific problem...

FieldCap’s flexibility allows you to target very specific pain points. You can start small or big and easily adjust to your changing needs.

1. I want to get paid faster and improve cash flow.

From the sales call to getting the final invoice paid, FieldCap speeds up your entire workflow. When you add a new job it automatically creates new tickets for the guys in the field. They have to enter much less data, can get tickets signed by customers on site or remotely and submit to the office in real time. In the office staff can quickly sort and process tickets into invoices and payroll data.

We have reduced our A/R time by 50%. At the end of the day it means cash comes in faster and we keep more of it.” Scott Bissell, CEO Tara Energy Services 

2. I want to track where my people and equipment are.

When your people and equipment are attached to jobs and tickets in an electronic system it is easy to look up and report on where everything is at any time. This can help you better plan your resources, understand utilization and save big on things like transportation costs.

It has greatly improved our ability to track equipment & people in the field. Leah Sells, Accounting & Administration Manager, Backwoods Energy Services

3. I want to provide better service to my customers.

When your bills and reports are late or inaccurate you make your team and your customer look bad. That’s not good for future sales. FieldCap reduces these concerns by giving you better options to help you get your customer exactly what they need, when they need it!

We have received very positive feedback from our clients as the system has provided our clients with an improved mechanism to review and approve field tickets electronically. Joel Block, Manager, SWAT Consulting

4. I want to improve my field ticketing processes.

This is our sweet spot. We take your existing tickets and “digitize” them so you can get them created, signed and processed quickly and accurately. You get to go digital but keep the ticket layouts, data points and lingo that you use now.

FieldCap has streamlined our field ticketing process and has enabled us to effectively manage the administrative burden of tracking our field activity. Jonathan Scheiner, Solaris Oilfield

5. I want to improve my invoicing processes.

No more hunting through paper and emails, chasing people for signatures or comparing time sheets and tickets. That is a massive time suck and filled with errors and delays.

FieldCap makes it easy to automatically generate invoices by job, month, day, customer etc. Easily make an invoice that has all the signed tickets attached and send it to your customer.

We discovered that implementing FieldCap Software resulted in greater tracking, improved efficiency and reduced errors in our whole billing process, we would recommend the software! Joel Kish, Owner, Inspectrum Testing

6. I want to improve my payroll processes.

How about automatically generating a payroll report and export file from all of your time captured in tickets and timesheets with just a few clicks? Imagine how much time that could save you to run payroll, process bonuses, create reports, etc.

FieldCap has allowed our company to streamline multiple major business functions, including operations, payroll, and revenue. I highly recommend FieldCap’s solution. Chad Macumber, Scientific Drilling

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Customer Testimonials

We worked hard to understand the unique needs of oilfield service companies and built tools that reflect them. So these kind words from customers mean the world!
FieldCap has greatly helped to streamline our processes, both for the people who are entering their job information, as well as for the accounting personnel who are processing the information.
Mountain West Services

Erin Damiani

Mountain West Services

We are very happy with FieldCap. It has reduced our error rate, increased our efficiency, and the guys in the field love it!
Backwoods Energy Services

Paul Poscente, Executive Chairman

Backwoods Energy Services

We now track and bill our jobs more efficiently and we have reduced our A/R time by 50%. At the end of the day it means cash comes in faster and we keep more of it.
Tara Energy Services

Scott Bissell, CEO

Tara Energy Services

FieldCap has allowed our company to streamline multiple major business functions, including operations, payroll, and revenue

Chad Macumber

Scientific Drilling

Our old process was manual and labor intensive, with lots of room for error, and we now how a more repeatable and automated system with FieldCap.

Travis Balaski, Vice President

Ferus Natural Gas Fuels

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